Exclusive distributor of ISECO food service equipment to the UK

Anglo Caledonian Enterprises Ltd

ISECO food service equipment was originally imported into the UK during the mid-eighties by Masters & Andren Limited which also specialised in equipment by Bonnet and Cidelcem Industries.

Masters & Andren Limited exited the market place in the mid-nineties leaving a void for clients previously supplied with ISECO products; effectively ISECO no longer had coverage within the UK.

Three companies subsequently approached ISECO to take-up the reins; Asterix Catering Equipment, Stephens Catering Equipment & Stirling Catering Equipment who thereafter all continued in a small way to service the ISECO agency.

ISECO was purchased in 2003 by a Dutch company since which time it has been totally transformed in terms of direction, product range and market coverage.

The UK market is now the priority market for ISECO and a new company has been created by directors from two of the previous importing agencies [Nigel Senior ex-Asterix Catering Equipment & Donald Gordon ex-Stirling Catering Equipment] to facilitate import.
Anglo Caledonian Enterprises is hencforth the sole exclusive specialist distributor to the UK market place for ISECO food service equipment.

ISECO manufacturing and conference facilities in France

Sustainability Information

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New developments by ISECO

Major new developments by ISECO include:

  • Iseco Energis & Crown Advantage with Smartpack technology

    Over the last couple of years Anglia Crown Limited has perfected the temperature and time cycle settings [which can be locked-in] regard re-thermalisation of their brand new Crown Advantage frozen plated meals using ‘Smartpack’ technology via the Energis. The operator loads the Energis, presses a button and does other duties for an hour, it’s as simple as that and the food emanating must be seen to be believed.
  • Serelis bulk-food ward service trolley

    Is able to regenerate different types of food in bulk-form to different temperatures as required, within the same cavity during the same regeneration cycle.
  • Carbo-Fresh system

    Utilises recycled and liquefied CO2 to refrigerate food within the trolleys to exactly 3°C, without compressors or any moving parts and whatever the ambient air temperature.

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The Carbo-Fresh system has been patented in co-operation with the multi-national company Air Liquide who provide the holding tanks, infra-structure and CO2 delivery equipment required for the system to operate. Huge cost savings are possible due to the trolleys having no working parts and no initial or ongoing compressor costs.

Existing ISECO Clients

ISECO products are currently supplied to a range of hospitals and other establishments throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, France, Germany, Spain and Canada.

International ISECO Carbo-Fresh Projects
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