ISECO Energis Oven

The Energis available in various sizes allows the perfect re-thermalisation of pre-prepared food products via the very gentle transfer of heat upwards from the shelf through the packaging in to the food product. It gives a very even spread of heat, is very consistent in performance, is easy to use, is very energy efficient and totally silent in operation requiring no fume extraction or services connections other than a minimal electrical supply. Thermo-contact re-thermalisation does not cook food or alter it in any way, rather it re-thermalises without drying, shrinkage or dis-colouration.

  • Iesco Energis provides a best-in-class regeneration
  • Thermo-contact heating technology
  • Precision re-thermalisation
  • Helps reduce dehydration
  • Minimises shrinkage
  • Decreases discolouration
  • Up to four different temperatures available per heating cycle
  • Can be used to heat the bowls and plates too

Crown Advantage with Smartpack technology

The next generation meal solution

ISECO have partnered with Anglia Crown to offer the Crown Advantage range - the ultimate solution for pre-prepared meals with consistent and precise regeneration on site.

Crown Advantage is not just about clever packaging, it’s also about producing good quality food, a balanced menu choice and helping recovery through healthy meals. The new frozen range has 39 main dish choices and enables caterers to provide a nutritionally balanced menu, whilst its exact portion size and control, helps to reduce wastage.

The range comes in two sizes, standard and smaller appetite, resulting in patients and residents receiving a meal that is suitable for their individual needs. With catering budgets continuing to be squeezed, not all caterers are able to access the funding to operate a commercial kitchen on site, the Crown Advantage prepared meal concept in conjunction with Iseco Energis is an ideal solution for hospitals and care homes that have limited space, equipment, resources and staff.

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Over 35 main menu choices

“We eat with our eyes. By improving presentation we can help to increase patient satisfaction and advance the dining experience within the cost sector”
Ruth Smith, Registered Dietitian

“Iseco’s thermo-contact technology via the Energis, ensures precision and consistancy during the re-thermalisation of chilled or frozen produce”
Nigel Senior, Director, Iseco UK

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4 steps to perfectly re-generated and presented meals - every time!

1. Once regenerated in the Energis oven, release tab from Smartpack.

2. Pull tab away from Smartpack.

3. Fold released removable base over Smartpack.

4. Lift Smartpack, releasing meal perfectly onto warm plate or bowl.