SUPER CALDORINOX Isothermal Food Containers

... for transport and distribution of hot cooked meals

Super Caldorinox Isothermal food containers

Super Caldorinox Isothermal soup containers

For soup transport

  • 2 rectangular models with tap and seal,
  • 2 cylindrical (round) models,

    Double stainless steel inner walls. Stackable lid. Folding handles.

Breakfast and light meals

For transport of hot and cold drinks.

  • 8 models with tap,
    Double stainless steel inner walls. Removable food compatible silicon seals. Tap protected by a bumper. SCT and SRT models are equipped with a heating element including a thermostat to maintain the heat for a long period.
  • Sturdy and ergonomic, with trolley for breakfast distribution

ISECO Super Caldrinox Features

  • Long lasting heat conservation

    Isotherm protection amplified by “high insulation” polyurethane foam. Removable and food compatible silicon seal.
  • Unfailing resistance

    Double inner wall of austenitic stainless steel and  polyacetate handle.
  • An exceptional product range

    7 models to transport hot meals. 7 models to dispense hot and cold drinks.
  • Totally hygienic

    Stainless steel is well-known for food compatibility. It is stable and does not transfer any taste or smell to food and drinks.
    SUPER CALDORINOX are machine washable and comply with international safety and hygiene standards.

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