Carbo-Fresh™ Refrigeration System

 ... a revolution in temperature controlled food delivery

Fresh peas

The Carbo-Fresh™ system is simple, liquefied CO2 is injected in to a cassette within the trolley negating the need for compressors or refrigerated transport, allowing the trolley to be refrigerated at your desired temperature for up to 18 hours whatever the ambient air-temperature.
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As the trolley temperature is controlled internally, there is no need for refrigerated vehicles to be used for distribution.

ISECOM HACCP Tracking System

The Carbo-Fresh™ Trolleys combine with the ISECOM HACCP Tracking System, to provide a fully integrated tracking system which records and analyses data from ISECO trolleys.
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Carbo-Fresh™ Meal Distribution Trolleys

The ISECO range of trolleys all work on the same principle. Dry Ice is injected into a special cartridgeinside the trolley in seconds. During transport and storage, cold is produced by evaporation/sublimation of the ice into gas. The gas is perfectly safe, non-toxic and even has anti-bacterial properties.

Vitalis Trolley

The Vitalis single-tray trolley is for distribution of individual plated meals. It provides chilled or frozen distribution, and progressive retherming by thermo-contact technology which preserves all the nutritional and sensory qualities of the food. Read more

Navis Trolley

The Navis trolley is designed for the distribution of bulk-food which is then regenerated at site within other trolleys. It is an all purpose trolley dedicated to food transport for all types of customers, and is suitable for chilled or frozen distribution. Read more

Benefits of the Carbo-Fresh™ System

  • No need for refrigerated transport
  • No moving parts mean no breakdowns and less maintenance
  • Can be used for chilled or frozen distribution
  • No compressor on trolley (lighter trolleys and no refrigeration gases produced)
  • Reduced electricity and diesel costs
  • Precise temperature control - can be set to your choice
  • Immediate pre-cooling of trolley
  • No moving parts - less maintenance, less down time
  • Dry ice has anti-bacterial properties
  • Lower initial and on-going investment

How Carbo-Fresh™ Works

Carbo-Fresh System in use

The system is centred around the on-site dry ice filler units. Simply plug the patented injection gun into the trolley, and use the programmable wall mounted control panel to automatically inject the perfect amount of Dry Ice required.

FCSI magazine article

Non-electric Refrigeration - A solution for large scale and complex food production sites
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Existing Carbo-Fresh™ Clients

ISECO Carbo-Fresh™ products are currently supplied to a range of hospitals and other establishments throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, France and Canada.

Case Study - Modern Food CPU Holland

International ISECO Carbo-Fresh Projects (Reference list - PDF Format)