SERELIS Food Service Trolley

... a user-friendly trolley for ’A la Carte’ service in dining rooms or cafeterias

SERELIS trolleys ensure the preservation and serving of meals with perfect respect for temperature regulations and hygiene, for hot and cold food storage.

Temperature resetting and maintenance by Thermocontact

Serelis meal service trolley from ISECO

The thermocontact, invented and improved over the years by ISECO, is the only existing system that smoothly resets temperatures, while delivering quality results.

SEREIS allows simultaneous temperature resetting and maintenance, for regular or special products, in several or individual portions, for a single cycle thanks to the possible pre-selection of three different temperatures inside the same cavity.

The stability of the heating shelves ensures that the temperature is maintained, even after the trolley is unplugged.

Retherm precision allows the use of all types of containers: aluminium or polypropylene disposibles, or porcelain or stainless steels plates in all shapes and sizes.

The new thermocontact shelves, developed for SERELIS, allow a refrigeration cycle to be ensured in less than 2 hours after the end of therming.



  • Hygiene

    All HACCP guidelines for hygiene and cleaning are met: the trolley been designed to allow accessibility for easy cleaning.
  • Energy Saving

    Operating SERELIS is very energy efficient; each shelf is individually regulated by a programmable thermostat.
  • Tracking

    The on-board control panel displays the temperature in the cavities, as well as the time left in the retherm cycle. The HACCP program option records the temperature during all phases of the cycle. The data is then radioed to a PC for review and record.
Serelis meal service trolley from ISECO

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