’Vitalis Fresh’ and ’Vitalis Single’ Trollies

... For a pleasurable meal

Hygienic requirements met, food safety ensured

VITALIS ensures the transport and conservation of meals in complete accordance with temperature standards for Cook & Serve and Cook & Chill contexts, the essential conditions to guarantee food hygiene and safety.

VITALIS can be hosed or machine washed ensuring that perfectly hygienic conditions are maintained.

The HACCP option allows for automatic traceability, facilitating risk management.

Hot and cold, a large choice of options

Flexible make-up of trays: You can have a combination of trays made-up of one or more hot dishes and others made-up of complete cold meals, all in the same trolley. Thus it is possible to adapt to the widest range of consumers expectations.

Smart standard trays: they allow full freedom of movement for the patients, they can set their dishes as they wish, as the tray has no obstacles.

Perfect reconstitution of the meal’s quality

ISECO Vitalis Fresh food service trolley
  • Progressive retherming by thermocontact preserves all the meal’s nutritional and sensory qualities
  • Temperature maintenance for the duration of the service thanks to the stability of Thermocontact heating plates
  • Starters and desserts are kept at the right cool temperature thanks to the cooling performance of VITALIS

The modular tray

The VITALIS tray is easily adapted to culinary creativity and to the customer’s choice thanks to the multiple possibilities offered. The tray has a removable separator, with two heating zones to favour hot or cold by simply turning over the tray.

Vitalis Fresh meal tray options

Two Options: Vitalis Fresh and Vitalis Single

Vitalis Fresh With refrigeration compressor
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Vitalis Single With refrigeration boost docking
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ISECO Vitalis Case Study:
Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Trust

In 2010 Royal Bolton Hospital won two national catering awards. The awards recognised the team’s success in improving the patient journey by raising the standard of the patient’s catering experience. RBH took patient meal service to new heights by procuring and commissioning the new Iseco single-tray patient meal system.
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ISECO Vitalis Fresh food trolley

ISECO Technology at your service

  • Optimised operations and comfort, thanks to Silent heating and cooling systems ensuring comfort of both staff and customers.
  • New electronics for easier programming of the trolleys, including new operational assistance modules
  • HACCP approach: traceability, with the data recording option. The Data Recording Option allows incorporating the HACCP methodology through traceability of events
  • The programmable labels option (patented system) allows for differential programming. The distribution system is easily managed by the user without the intervention of neither technical nor specialised staff