Navis Caldo Trolley

Hot line distribution in complete safety

To supply directly and safely all your catering facilities with respect for temperature and quality of your meals.

High-performance, compact size, strong workmanship, the Navis Caldo trolleys are truly built for the distribution of hot meals either inside a facility or outside, in vehicles.

After a short pre-heating, they ensure the right temperature maintenance during the time necessary for loading and during the waiting periods.

Their reinforced insulation allows for a transport time of over 1 hour with the trolley unplugged.

Upon their arrival, the Navis Caldo trolleys are plugged back on a simple domestic plug and the temperature maintenance cycle is activated until the end of distribution.

The range

  • 2 heated models Navis Caldo, with a capacity of about 75 and 100 meals. Those 2 models can be combined with an insulated Navis of the same kind to transport cold preparations.
  • 1 mixed model Navis Caldo Duo with 2 cavities, for about 50 meals, holding up hot preparations in the higher part, and cold preparations in the lower part.

Each heated cavity can hold slides of different paths in order to optimise the loading of containers of various depths (55, 65 or 100 mm).

ISECO Navis Caldo trolley range


  • 1, 2 or 3 heating element, according to the model, are placed inside the cavity for an optimum performance and a homogeneous heat distribution.
  • 1 heating element cast in aluminium-iron and placed under the cavity allows for a great heat storage which maintains temperature during transport phases.
  • 2 heating speeds - Full power for a fast pre-heating without load (1 + 2). - Economy for long duration temperature maintenance, once the trolley is loaded (1).
  • Constant control of the cavity’s temperature with display digits.
  • Built-in plug and extension lead.
  • Door swinging out to 270° with safety locking
  • Safety locking. Strong closing catches by ISECO.
  • Top with guard rail and bumpers.
  • 2 ergonomic handles reinforced for strapping during transport.
  • 4 castors diam. 160 mm out of which 2 swiveling with brakes.
  • Fully hose washable.


  • Central braking pedal.
  • Key-locking.
  • Stand for magnetic board.
  • Mechanical towing.
  • No guard rail on top.

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