NHS Supply Chain

ISECO UK joins the NHS Supply Chain

ISECO high quality patient meal trollies & food delivery systems can now be procured via the NHS SUPPLY CHAIN without going through a costly and protracted tender process.

From 01 July 2011 call your NHS Supply Chain representative, or contact us directly and quote Contract ID Reference AA117150 to request more information about ISECO Food Service Systems.

ISECO manufacture the best Food Regeneration & Transportation Systems in the world, now available for you to purchase via NHS Supply Chain negating the need for you to go through the expensive and time consuming tender process. If you have the finances and you wish to acquire the best performing, most durable, economically effective and green patient meal delivery systems available, you can via a Framework Agreement instigated by NHS Supply Chain.

ISECO are the ’new kids on the block’ and the only patient meal delivery systems manufacturer on the new Framework Agreement that utilises the advanced and proven thermo-contact heating technology to thermalize pre-cooked food. A technology that out performs any conventional convected-air meal delivery system and is used routinely throughout hospitals on the continent.

ISECO trolleys enable food to be presented to patients perfectly every single service; no drying, no shrinkage, no discolouration and no deterioration of the food being transported and presented.

ISECO systems use considerably less power than conventional convected-air products and because they have NO FANS, they are also quieter than other systems and easier and safer for staff to work with. Gentle thermo-contact heating means NO ambient heat loss when the doors are opened at ward level and food remains at the correct temperature for longer without any power connections or boosts.

ISECO thermo-contact is far more reliable than convected-air systems because if one of the heating shelves does break down you can still use the trolley [when a convected-air trolley heating element malfunctions you lose the use of the trolley].

The Best in Europe is now available to the NHS via a new Framework Agreement with NHS  Supply Chain

ISECO is the future for patient meal provision to the NHS, and our thermo-contact trolleys save you money in a whole manner of ways not usually taken into consideration during tender:

  • NO need for expensive oven gloves while serving - our trays can be handled straight from the trolley without gloves
  • LESS detergent, rinse-aid and staff required in your wash area because food does not “cake-on” plates or shelves
  • CONSIDERABLY less wastage of food from over-cooking, so your portion control can be far more precise
  • BETTER presented and more appetising food served to patients [no drying, discolouration or shrinkage] aids patients’ speedy recovery
ISECO supply hospital meal trolleys via the NHS Supply Chain